Dawn Chorus Live

Dawn Chorus Live

5am, Sunday 3rd May
With NWT Chief Executive Mike Pratt

Wren. Image by: Andy Rouse/2020VISION.

Join us from the comfort of your home or garden for this special live streamed event to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day.

Mike Pratt, CEO of Northumberland Wildlife Trust will be live from his garden with an introduction to birdsong. Listen to the beautiful sounds as Mike will identify and talk about the birds you can hear. Download our bird checker, so you can identify the birds in your own outside spaces. 

Dawn Chorus Day has grown from a small event in Birmingham in the 1980s to a global annual celebration, enjoyed in over eighty countries. You don't need to be surrounded by countryside to enjoy nature's symphony - cities have songbirds of their own. Beyond the cooing of pigeons you could hear the serenade of robins and blackbirds, the chatter of house sparrows and the laughing calls of herring gulls, to name just a few!

Stream will begin at 5am, Sunday 3rd May, live below and on our Facebook page.

Join in at home with our spotter sheet and bird bingo.

Find out more about International Dawn Chorus Day here: www.wildlifetrusts.org/dawn-chorus-day.

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