Get involved and help protect the region's wildlife and landscapes

We are engaged in a number of campaigns at both local and national level. Find out more about what we're doing and how you can get involved.

Wildlife faces many threats and challenges and The Wildlife Trusts are working hard to stand up for nature, but we need your help. Follow the links above to discover more about today's big stories.

Living Landscapes

Our plans for the future are ambitious and exciting, with our Living Landscapes projects at Druridge Bay, Kielder Forest and the border mires, Prestwick Carr, and the unique grasslands along the Whin Sill corridor that stretch from Hadrian’s Wall to Lindisfarne.

We want to create a landscape where wildlife can move freely around our countryside, connecting green spaces together so that species can thrive and adapt to the threats of climate change, housing development and pollution.

By managing our reserves, providing wildlife education for the next generation, involving the community and working with landowners and local authorities, we will be able to create change and allow wildlife to flourish across a Living Landscape.

Living Seas

The Marine & Coastal Act was passed in 2010 and promised to create Marine Protected Areas by 2012. These are places where human activities are managed and are a proven way of allowing nature to regenerate. We want to keep the pressure on the government to enact and enforce the MPAs by 2012. Join us in campaigning for healthy seas.

You can help us by signing the petition online or signing our very own ‘petition fish’ which will be on tour throughout the region.


What do you cherish in your local area? Is it local woodland, a spring flowering meadow, or perhaps a nearby stream bursting with wildlife? Would you know where to start if you heard it was under threat from development? Do you know you have an opportunity to persuade planners and decision makers to provide for wildlife where you live?

Northumberland Wildlife Trust cares about all wildlife sites but as a charity we have limited resources. This means we cannot respond directly to every threat we hear about. Therefore, in addition to commenting on applications ourselves, we are actively encouraging people to take action to protect their local environment. Read more about our responses to planning proposals, Newcastle/Gateshead ONE Core Strategy, and information on commenting on planning applications in your area.

Natural Environment White Paper

The much anticipated Natural Environment White Paper has been published. This marks the culmination of effort, pressure and engagement from The Wildlife Trusts and its members on Government to recognise the need to make the natural environment a priority. However, this pivotal moment just marks the first step of the journey on nature’s road to recovery.

Badgers and Bovine TB

Bovine TB (bTB) costs the UK millions of pounds every year and The Wildlife Trusts recognise the hardship that it causes in the farming community. However, we believe that a badger cull is not the answer.

The Wildlife Trusts are very conscious of the hardship that bovine TB (bTB) causes in the farming community and the need to find the right mechanisms to control the disease. Our work in providing advice to farmers across the UK means we recognise and value the crucial contribution that environmentally-friendly farming practices make to wildlife.

Why not read our two briefings (published 8 September 2011), setting out The Wildlife Trusts position in more detail.