Buff tailed bumblebee. Image by: Chris Gomersal/l2020VISION.

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Fly agaric - Jon Hawkins, Surrey Hills Photography

The secret world of fungi

What do you think of when you hear the word fungi? For some thoughts might turn to mouth-watering mushrooms, carefully foraged from a supermarket shelf. For others it might conjure images of fairy…

Adder - Amy Lewis

The great British snake off

Snakes are often thought of as exotic creatures to be admired (or avoided) on holidays in hotter countries, but Britain is home to three native species of snake.

Whin Sill dolerite - Ian Jackson

The wonder of rocks

Since lockdown began, I’ve been taking the opportunity to explore some bits of my backyard that I’ve neglected and also re-acquainted myself with paths that I haven’t walked for years.

Heather on acid condition sandstone bedrock - Ian Jackson

Get your rocks off

A word of introduction is probably a good idea; I’m the Northumberland Wildlife Trust trustee who’s a geologist. I mention that because us geologists tend to see the world differently to most…

Lower Scaup pond - Kelly Hollings

Restoring Ratty - hello from Kelly

Hi everyone, Graham has been expertly holding the fort for the past six weeks whilst I’ve been furloughed. Field work can now be undertaken again so I’m back! I was ridiculously excited to return…

Beach rocks - Trai Anfield

Unexpected item in Blogging Area!

When I was asked by Northumberland Wildlife Trust to blog about my lockdown sightings, I set out on my daily walk to photograph some of the birds at the coast. But halfway to St Mary’s lighthouse…

Orange tip butterfly - Duncan Hutt

Lockdown wildlife love in

Its surely a time of contradiction, much of life has changed and the consequences are both dramatic and mundane at the same time.

Male eider duck - Trai Anfield

Cheery ducks

I shall be writing more blogs for the Trust, but for starters, every year three eider ducks, two male and one female, return to Cullercoats Bay, where I’m lucky enough to take my permitted…