Gret spotted woodpecker. Image by: Mark Hamblin/2020VISION.

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Our region supports a diverse range of fascinating wildlife, habitats and landscapes, and they are everybody’s responsibility to protect. We want future generations to appreciate and enjoy the same special places that thrive in Northumberland today.

By supporting our appeals, you are contributing to our vital conservation work, and making a difference to the future of wildlife in Newcastle, Northumberland and North Tyneside. With your support, we can help to ensure native species, precious habitats and special places can be treasured for many years to come.

The massive response to our previous appeals has highlighted the overwhelming generosity of our supporters. Every penny received pushes us one step closer to our goals, whether it’s rebuilding a vital facility, safeguarding our seas or reconnecting the diverse regional landscape in a major way.

Our current appeals


Help us secure a Greener Future for communities and wildlife in the North East
Donate online from noon 22nd to 29th April 2021

Please support our appeal with an unmissable opportunity to double your donation through the Big Give Green Match Fund.

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30 by 30

Help us to restore 30% of land and sea for nature by 2030

The Wildlife Trusts are calling for at least 30% of our land and sea to be connected and protected for nature’s recovery by 2030. Making more space for nature to become abundant once again will give our struggling wildlife the chance to recover and also restore beautiful wild places - places that store carbon and help to tackle the climate crisis.

30% is the bare minimum that nature needs to start recovering but we are far short of this and need your help to turn things around...

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Action for Insects

Take Action for Insects and help tackle this crisis

Insects are dying out up to 8 times faster than larger animals and 41% of insect species face extinction. This is serious for us all as well as wildlife. Insects pollinate three quarters of crops so our food security is at risk. Insects are also the main food source for many birds, small mammals and fish. So if they disappear, so do many of the creatures that we love.

However, the good news is that it’s not too late to act. Insect populations can recover, and we know what needs to be done to save them. By donating to the Action for Insects Appeal, you can help protect the smallest creatures which are essential for Northumberland’s wildlife and agriculture.

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Past appeals

Benshaw Moor

We need you to help secure 258 vital hectares of Northumberland as a haven for wildlife.

This doesn’t happen very often! An amazing piece of land has become available for purchase and would make a wonderful nature reserve. We are already over 80% of the way to securing this important piece of remote and wild upland habitat but need your help to find the missing bit. Benshaw Moor lies in the Rede Valley, near Elsdon and includes blanket bog, grassland and heathland – all important landscapes nationally. 

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Campaign for a Wilder Future

Nature under threat as never before.

Brexit is bringing change but we need to make sure it’s good for the environment. We need a grassroots movement to put nature at the heart of decision-making. Real change from bottom to top. We can do it, if we campaign together.

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Woodland Wonders

You can help improve Northumberland’s precious woodland.

Woodland cover in England is currently just 10% and Northumberland is one of the counties with the least remaining native woodland. There are so many reasons to protect and value them.

Woodland Wonders

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