Wildlife work days


Wildlife work days

Beach clean volunteers. Image by: Aurelie Bohan.

Want to encourage your employees to volunteer?

Northumberland Wildlife Trust can take small groups out on practical conservation tasks for an altogether different volunteering experience.  Your group can enjoy a challenging, motivational, team-building event away from the office; a day to remember, in which you learn about and help protect local wildlife. Northumberland Wildlife Trust runs group volunteering work days throughout the year, across a variety of locations.

We provide:

  • Full training
  • Safety equipment
  • On-site briefing
  • Equipment & materials

We ask that companies pay £350 + VAT per day or £30 per person, whichever is the greater, to cover the costs of organisation, tools, materials and staff supervision. We can occasionally offer some activities with a subsidy if it's part of a funded project.

What tasks can we get involved in?

Wildlife Work Days vary with the seasons and work that needs doing. Some typical tasks are detailed below.

Available tasks

When Task Group size
September - February Woodland management
Tree felling, tree planting or hedge maintenance
Up to 12
June - August Invasive species removal
Ragwort pulling to control the spread on grassland, or Himalayan balsam pulling, a non-native species which out-competes native wildflowers and leads to river bank erosion
Up to 15
June - September Bracken control
Cutting bracken to minimise spread
Up to 15
July - October Hay meadow cutting
Cutting and raking hay meadows, maintaining a diverse array of wildflowers
Up to 15
Throughout the year Litter picks
Clear the nature reserve from any unsightly litter
Up to 15
Throughout the year

Beach cleans
Clear local beaches from unsightly litter.(Please note dates are dependent upon tide times.)

Up to 25


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