Flexigraze is an innovative social enterprise, specialising in grazing nature reserves and important grasslands throughout North East England. Flexigraze is not-for-profit, reinvesting any profits back into local conservation grazing.

Conservation grazing simply means we graze these areas for the benefit of the nature that exists there as well as for the livestock. By using different species and breeds of livestock, we can manage the grasslands in the most appropriate manner to improve and maintain their bio-diversity value.

Flexigraze achieves several key goals:

  • supporting North East hill farmers
  • protecting and preserving semi-natural grassland
  • enhancing biodiversity
  • producing ethically-reared meat
Flexigraze Stephen and Jess

From highland cattle to rare-breed sheep and even Exmoor ponies, we provide 'natural lawn-mowers' throughout the region. After a happy life, the shearling lambs we use are sold as a unique meat with exceptional flavour.

Our goal is to ensure a fair deal for everybody - the farmer, the lambs and the land on which they graze. Most importantly, the consumer gets a locally-produced premium meat which is ethically sourced and has benefitted the local environment.

For further details on Flexigraze, or to enquire about purchasing meat (or even setting up a buying group), contact Stephen Comber, visit the Flexigraze website or check out the Flexigraze blog.