Record a sighting


Record a sighting

Image by: Paul Harris/2020VISION.

Any wildlife sightings around the region should be submitted directly to the Environmental Records Information Centre (ERIC) North East, which works with wildlife recording groups, organisations and individuals to collate, manage and improve access to the biological records of the region.

It is a resource that is used to inform decisions about, and build a picture of the natural environment of the North East, and improves knowledge about the species and habitats that can be found there.

You can play your part by submitting your wildlife sightings to the ERIC North East portal. You can also get in touch via email or call 0191 222 5158.

Report a sighting


Any red or grey squirrel sightings should be reported directly to the Red Squirrels Northern England project. 

Report a squirrel sighting

Marine Mammals

If you find a live seal, live whale, dolphin or porpoise, which looks sick or injured, report it to the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) who are trained marine mammal medics. For your own saftey and the safety of the animal, do not attempt to attend to the animal. If you want to help, arrange safe cordon around the animal and keep people and dogs away until the medics arrive. BDMLR 01825 765546 (office hours, 07787 433412 (out of hours). Please take a photo if you are able to for records.

If you find a dead seal whale, dolphin or porpoise, report to Northumberland County Council on 0345 6006400. Information requested will be: name of beach or shore, location on the shore, any signs of injury or cause of death, state of decomposition, photographs if you have them. The council will report the incident to the relevant bodies and will liaise with them to agree the removal of the carcass wherever practicable.