Buff tailed bumblebee. Image by: Chris Gomersal/l2020VISION.

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Lies, damned lies and then there’s data

I made a connection to Northumberland Wildlife Trust quite a few years before we returned north to live. A mutual friend and now our President, Conrad Dickinson, had told our CEO, Mike Pratt, that…

Fossils - Ian Jackson

What goes around comes around

There’s a fundamental and well known principle in geology; it goes like this: the present is the key to the past. Aka Uniformitarianism. What it means is that the processes that are happening…

Fossil ripples in Sugley Dene - Ian Jackson

When worlds collide

I’m guessing that when we think of nature and wildlife, pretty well all of us think countryside? Yet if we’ve learned anything in lockdown, it’s that nature and the benefits it brings, are all…

Rock and hammer - Ian Jackson

Old King Cole

There are lots of places in the world that have a close association with rocks, many are even named after them. Nantwich and other -wich’s in Cheshire are named after salt and brine springs;…

A Local Geological Site in need of TLC - Sugley Dene, by Ian Jackson

Rock Stars

A couple of blogs ago we were in Haltwhistle Burn. It’s an SNCI - a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. SNCI’s are one of many designations in England and Wales created to conserve and manage…

Mining the Little Limestone Coal at Blenkinsopp Colliery by Peter Bridges

A true northern forest

The low hum of insect wings and barely audible, a nearby silt-laden river moving lethargically over sand shoals and between branching roots and foliage, were the only sounds. There was no bird…

Gilsland spa - Ian Jackson

Borderlands and ‘so-so’ people

Feeling guilty. Feels like I promised to buy you a pint in the pub last week and you’ve ended up with two halves 7 days apart. But better late than never; here’s the second part of the border walk…

Fossil - Ian Jackson

Sub-tropical seas and wet feet

I’ve mentioned walks a few times in these blogs but I’m not sure we really got our boots on. This time will, I hope, be different and you’ll get two for the price of one - that’s walks and…