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Beach rocks - Trai Anfield

Unexpected item in Blogging Area!

When I was asked by Northumberland Wildlife Trust to blog about my lockdown sightings, I set out on my daily walk to photograph some of the birds at the coast. But halfway to St Mary’s lighthouse…

Orange tip butterfly - Duncan Hutt

Lockdown wildlife love in

Its surely a time of contradiction, much of life has changed and the consequences are both dramatic and mundane at the same time.

Male eider duck - Trai Anfield

Cheery ducks

I shall be writing more blogs for the Trust, but for starters, every year three eider ducks, two male and one female, return to Cullercoats Bay, where I’m lucky enough to take my permitted…

Hare - Bertie Gregory/2020VISION

Our natural health service

This April, I’m ‘locked down’ in my small house in Hexham with three adults, a two-year-old toddler and a seven-week-old baby.