Climate Change


Climate Change is something that affects us all but at Northumberland Wildlife Trust, we need to pay special attention to changes we’re seeing already, and the ones we may experience in the future. We are always taking steps to better inform our staff, supporters and the wider community about climate change and other issues that impact on our environment.

Making space for nature is the main thrust behind our approach, encouraging society to live as lightly on the Earth as possible. Mike Pratt, NWT Chief Executive

Living Landscapes is the Wildlife Trusts' response to the challenges of climate change, focussing on building resilience in the landscape so that species and habitats have room to adapt as the climate changes around them. Helping nature adapt and making space for nature is the main thrust behind our approach whilst also encouraging organisations (including our own), society and individuals to be aware of their responsibility to live as lightly on the Earth as possible.

A recent partnership project with Newcastle City Council explored local and global links to climate change, illustrating how a changing climate will continue to change the world around us. View our new 'Climate Change' leaflet for more information and ways to get involved further.

At NWT, we endeavour to operate as sustainably as possible, monitoring our carbon footprint and seeking continuous improvements to reduce our level of impact on the environment. We hold workshops and discussion sessions to better inform staff and volunteers about climate change, and also actively promote sustainable/green living.