Collecting donations

Once you have completed your activity or event, first of all congratulations and thank you from everybody at NWT! After you celebrate, collecting and sending your donations is easy.

Sending your money to NWT

There are several ways for you to donate the money raised from your event:

NWT Website
Visit our donations page to donate the proceeds using a credit/debit card. You can also pay over the phone in this way if you prefer, on (0191) 284 6884.

JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving
It's easy to manage your donations online using Virgin Money Giving. You can set up your own page, so everybody can donate directly to it, and you can even have your own personalised text code so people can text to donate! When all your donations have been received, both companies send the money directly to us!

Visit us!
We would be more than happy for you to pop into the Trust and pay with either a cheque or cash (cheques can also be posted – made payable to Northumberland Wildlife Trust).

Remember to tick the Gift Aid box (if you are eligible), and remind all sponsors to do the same - there is a box on the donations page on our website, and the paper sponsorship form, specifically for that purpose. Gift Aid is a great way for us to reclaim the tax paid on the donations you make to us, with no extra cost to yourself. This means for every £1 you/your sponsors give, the Government will give us an additional 25p to help wildlife. To be eligible for Gift Aid the amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax you, or your sponsors, pay in each tax year must be at least equal to the amount of tax that we will reclaim on your gifts for that tax year.

Text donations

Why not also encourage supporters to text donate to NWT? It's quick and easy and 100% of the donation comes to us to make a big difference! Simply contact us and we can create a specific text code for your fundraising event, and you can promote to all your supporters!

Collection boxes

Assemble flat-pack collection boxes (available from NWT) and collect cash donations at your event. You could even enlist volunteers to walk around asking people to give spare change - every little helps! If you require larger capacity boxes or buckets, please contact the Trust on 0191 284 6884, and we will happily provide them. You can either return these boxes to our offices for counting, or bank the money yourselves and send us a cheque or make a donation online.

Sponsor forms

If you are collecting sponsorship, contact us for a form to complete your sponsors' details. After you have collected your donations, please include the sponsor form when delivering them to our offices.

Claiming expenses

Try and minimise your outgoings by booking a free local venue, and asking for refreshments, equipment and prizes to be donated. If you do incur costs, these will need to be deducted from your overall fundraising total before you make the donation to NWT. Please give us a call on 0191 284 6884 for other ideas about how to reduce costs.

Thank you!

On behalf of everybody at Northumberland Wildlife Trust, a huge ‘thank you’ for your interest in fundraising for us! When we receive your donations, we will send you a special certificate with the total raised for you to display, and give you a mention in Roebuck (Northumberland Wildlife Trust's magazine), on our website and in our e-newsletters.

Hopefully this toolkit has given you all the information and inspiration you need to run a successful event. To discuss your fundraising ideas, register your event or if you need any more help, please contact our Fundraising Team.