Even just ten years ago, the hedgehog was a common sight in your garden, hedgerows and parks. This quirky, snuffly little creature was a familiar part of our landscape but it's currently disappearing from the British countryside at an alarming rate.

By becoming a member of Northumberland Wildlife Trust you can become part of a conservation success story and not only benefit hedgehogs in the region but many other much-loved birds, animals and plants too.

Together we can be the region's biggest force for nature conservation. As a thank you, members will receive:

  • A free booklet on how you can help hedgehogs.
  • Free access to over 60 wildlife reserves in the North East, including the Wildlife Discovery Centre at Hauxley, opening summer 2016.
  • Our magazine, Roebuck, which tells you about wildlife in the region and conservation news nationally.
  • Invitations and updates on events, activities and merchandise.
  • Children’s ‘Wildlife Watch’ materials including a handbook, magazines, posters, stickers and badges.

Show your support for hedgehogs!

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If you’re already a Northumberland Wildlife Trust member, you can still show your support by donating to our hedgehog appeal, which is specifically aimed at addressing a shortfall in funding on hedgehog conservation. 

Every penny you donate stays within the region and will help to deliver results at a local level. Here's how your gift could help:

  1. £4.50 per month pays for 10m of hedgerow, or 150 leaflets with top tips on saving our hogs.
  2. A gift of £7 per month pays for a wildlife warden for a day to look after special places of nature.
  3. A gift of £10 per month pays to run our hedgehog and wildlife gardening programme at one school.


Hedgehog and other images by Daniel Weatheritt