About us

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Northumberland Wildlife Trust is the region's leading non-government funded environmental charity, supported by around 55 skilled staff, 13,000 members and 300 volunteers. One of 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK, we have campaigned for over 40 years to create an environment rich in wildlife for everyone within Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland to enjoy.

Your company's Corporate Membership will enable us to continue key aspects of our work, including:

Land Management
Our Estates Team manages over 60 nature reserves, covering 38km2 (about 10,000 football pitches) including some of the country’s rarest and most protected habitats. The type of work undertaken includes conservation grazing, planting native trees and hedgerows, bog restoration, removing invasive species, managing water levels to preserve wetlands, bee keeping, repairing fences, installing boardwalks and advising on restoration of quarries and open-cast sites.

Strategic Conservation
Collectively The Wildlife Trusts are working on a landscape scale with local authorities, government agencies, landowners, neighbouring communities and businesses to restore habitats, recreate wildlife-rich areas and reconnect green spaces so that wildlife can move freely and adapt to change. This is our recovery plan for nature and forms the basis of our ‘Living Landscapes’ campaign. At a local level we provide land management expertise and campaign to ensure that necessary policies and legislation are in place to enhance the biodiversity of the region.

We work with local authorities, schools and community groups to inspire the next generation to care for the natural world. We provide wildlife teaching resources and information in both formal and informal settings and run programmes on growing your own food, wildlife gardening and species identification.

Working alongside community groups, businesses and individuals in both urban and rural areas, we help people to improve their own local environment. We also run a vast number of events for the general public each year, from bird box making to rock pooling and guided walks.

Coastal and Marine Management
We are working with partners to support Marine Protected Areas, a proven way of allowing nature to recover. We are campaigning to change the way we manage our marine resources. We want to educate and inspire people about the marine environment, getting them involved in cleaning up our seas and monitoring the changes. This is our vision for ‘Living Seas’.