Spare a couple of minutes for wildlife during this cold spell

Friday 13th January 2017

photo Richard Bowler

Now that the region has had the first flurries of snow, Northumberland Wildlife Trust is urging members of the public to spare a thought for garden birds and small mammals during this period, as low temperatures with frost or snow on the ground make it extremely difficult for many species to find natural food.

Birds will need to feed more frequently, to maintain energy levels to survive, so require a regular supply of high energy foods, so bowls of everyday items found in kitchen cupboards such as suet, low cost peanuts, seeds, apples and dried fruit, plus a bowl of fresh water will really help many birds and small mammals to survive.

It is also important to ensure bird feeders are topped up regularly and try and provide a fresh, ice-free supply of water for drinking and bathing.

If anybody has leaves which have blown into their garden as a result of the high winds earlier this week, the wildlife charity is urging people to sweep them into piles to provide much needed cover for critters such as voles, ladybirds and mice.

And, don’t forget the amphibians! Frogs and toads will seek out crevices to squeeze into to keep warm during this cold snap, so leaving piles of rocks or logs around the garden can really help them survive.

Steve Lowe, Head of Conservation at Northumberland Wildlife Trust said: “All too often when it’s cold and snowy we dash into the house where it’s warm and don’t venture out until the next day; but wildlife can’t do that, it has to fight to survive, so come on everybody, put an extra layer on and nip outside for a couple of minutes and give them a helping hand.”