It’s all about the location!

Thursday 14th June 2018

Tree sparrows at Hauxley, photo Tim Mason

As TV presenters Kirsty Allsop and Phil Spencer always advise, when looking for a place to set up home, it is all about Location, Location, Location.

The Channel 4 presenting pair also neverw tire of telling people to widen their house search area and look for up and coming areas before the location takes off and property prices rocket.

With such valuable advice, Northumberland Wildlife Trust is confident the duo would be impressed by a pair of very resourceful tree sparrows, which have set up home under the eaves of its brand new Wildlife Discovery Centre at Hauxley.

Nesting in the outer edge of the gabion in front of the café window, the happy couple have raised their first brood of chicks, which have entertained visitors to the café, as they fly in and out of the gabion basket every couple of minutes.

Tree sparrows very often have a couple of broods of chicks a year if the food is good and the location is safe, so given that the Wildlife Discovery Centre has received one RICS Award, three RIBA Awards and a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, this desirable area will hopefully be welcoming them back in the not too distant future.