What do you cherish in your local area? Is it local woodland, a spring flowering meadow, or perhaps a nearby stream bursting with wildlife? Would you know where to start if you heard it was under threat from development? Do you know you have an opportunity to persuade planners and decision makers to provide for wildlife where you live?

Northumberland Wildlife Trust cares about all wildlife sites but as a charity we have limited resources. This means we cannot respond directly to every threat we hear about. Therefore, in addition to commenting on applications ourselves, we are actively encouraging people to take action to protect their local environment.

How to comment on a planning application

As a member of your community, you have local knowledge that makes your views important. By understanding the planning system and how to respond to planning applications, you may be able to use this local knowledge to influence development at an early stage, perhaps preventing a harmful development or enhancing a proposal’s value to wildlife. Read more

NWT planning application comments

Our conservation team regularly provides comment on a number of planning applications in the region, and our responses are available to read and download. Read more

Wildlife Guardian appeal

Please donate today to help pay for the preservation of some of Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside’s precious green space, which might otherwise be lost. In this time of radical change, we need to give nature a voice on significant planning applications and help communities themselves fight for the wildlife on their doorstep. Read more

ONE Core Strategy

The Newcastle/Gateshead ONE Core Strategy is a spatial planning document, released by Newcastle City Council, that sets out things such as land allocations for development over the next 15 years. As the leading wildlife conservation charity in Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside, we have been vocal in our comments on the strategy. Read more

Northumberland County Council Core Strategy

Northumberland County Council has opened consultation on the Northumberland Local Development Plan Core Strategy Issues and Options Document (2012). When adopted, the Northumberland Core Strategy will be the overarching, spatial plan for the County. It will guide future development and land use planning decisions until 2030 - you can view the document and submit comments here. We have responded to the Core Strategy Issues and Options document, and also completed a Habitat Regulations Assessment - Scoping Report Response.