We produce a wide variety of useful publications, including a handy 'Wildlife Gardening' booklet, the fantastic Nature Reserves guide, and our Trust magazine Roebuck, which is full of articles, information and interesting developments in the conservation world.

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Annual Report

Annual Report - Year ended 31 March 2018


Packed with the latest news on wildlife in Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside, Roebuck is an essential read for wildlife enthusiasts in the region. Articles include updates on reserves and projects, fundraising and each edition contains a specialist supplement to inform readers about specific species and areas of conservation.




What's On



Local Wildlife Site - Short Guide


Wildlife Gardening Guide

Wildlife-friendly gardening is about making a haven for you, as well as for wildlife. By gardening sympathetically for wildlife, you'll be rewarded by a truly natural outdoor space, where you can get in touch with the plants, animals and birds that make their home there.  

Birds on Reserves

A concise but informative guide outlining the best places to watch birds on Trust reserves, from Big Waters to Druridge Bay, and species commonly sighted at each location. A must for bird enthusiasts, with a useful map, this guide is also available from our Trust offices.

NWT 40th Anniversary Leaflet

A jam-packed guide detailing Northumberland Wildlife Trust's history, memorable milestones, timelines and focus on past and current appeals. With information on our various campaigns, from Living Landscapes to Living Seas, and our priorities for the next few years, this guide gives a comprehensive insight into the work of NWT spanning 40 years and into the future.

East Chevington Nature Reserve

A guide to one of our most popular reserves along Druridge Bay, with information on marsh harriers, a species which bred successfully at East Chevington in 2009, and was the first recording for Northumberland in 130 years.

Schools Wildlife Watch Membership Leaflet

Schools Wildlife Watch Membership is devised to enhance your school’s efforts to teach pupils about the environment in an informative, interesting and entertaining way. This leaflet gives information on the wide range of benefits available to members, from discounts of activities to interactive 'Environmental Education' guides and e-newsletters. Membership is a must-have for schools wanting to encourage pupils to get closer to nature and interact with the outdoor environment, and gain inspiration for activities and projects.

Whin Grassland Management Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the best practical ways to conserve Northumberland’s rare whin grassland habitat. It has been put together using the information gathered from both practical management and ecological and geomorphological survey work on the county’s whin grassland sites. Northumberland Wildlife Trust will update this guide periodically as further management works are carried out on sites and more information is gathered on their relative successes.

Notes on Tree Planting and the Use of Native Species in North East England

The purpose of this guide is to provide basic information when planning woodland planting schemes for conservation and amenity purposes in North East England. It is not a definitive guide to tree planting, nor is it designed to be used by commercial foresters, although it may be of value when planning conservation areas within coniferous forests.

The main emphasis of this guide is focused on the planting of native tree species and establishing woodlands which are characteristic of the region. It does this by suggesting appropriate tree and shrub mixes for the various soil conditions and situations relevant to the region. Included are a number of tools in the form of figures and tables that can be used as a reference for development schemes when devising which planting mixes best suit the conditions presented within sites.

The Northumberland Wildlife Trust: A History

Written by Dr Angus Lunn, a Vice-president of the Trust, the history documents the journey of NWT from its very beginnings in a portakabin behind the Hancock Museum, to its status as leading conservation charity in Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside today. Angus was awarded the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts’ Cadbury Medal for 2009 in recognition of his services to the advancement of nature conservation in the British Islands, through his contribution to ecology, the Wildlife Trusts and the National Parks movement. He has been particularly involved in the recognition and conservation of the Border Mires.

Introduction to Beetles Workshop

Presentation slides from the Introduction to Beetles Workshop.


Introduction to Invertebrates Workshop

Presentation slides from the Introduction to Invertebrates Workshop.