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Druridge Pools

  • Please read our current position on the potential Opencast scheme at Highthorn

Druridge Pools lies within two miles of Cresswell Village. The site is a former opencast coal mine sold to the Trust by British Coal in 1987, and has become an important addition to Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

The site consists of a deep lake to the north and two wet fields to the south. The lake supports large flocks of wintering wildfowl, mostly wigeon and teal but including goldeneye; wading birds feed along the shores. The two adjacent wet fields are very good feeding sites, especially for snipe, redshank and teal, along with occasional rarities such as pectoral sandpiper and black-winged stilt. These fields need to be grazed in the autumn and winter to maintain the value of the habitat.

There is a public footpath through the centre of the site leading to two bird hides and then beyond to Chibburn Preceptory, and there is also a screen overlooking the wet meadows.

Species and habitats

Wigeon, Teal, Goldeneye, Snipe, Redshank

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Reserve information

3km north of Cresswell Village
Map reference
NZ 275 963
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24.00 hectares

Please see downloadable Access Information for the reserve below.
Walking information
There are access points leading to a screen overlooking the southern fields and along the public right of way through the centre of the site.
There is roadside car parking at the adjacent National Trust Druridge Links site.
Dogs must be on lead
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Reserve manager
Northumberland Wildlife Trust
Tel: (0191) 284 6884


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