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Newsham Pond

Formerly a reservoir, this is now a partially infilled pond on the edge of Blyth. It has a variety of aquatic invertebrates including several species of damselfly and the dominant aquatic plant is Canadian pond weed. Birds such as the pair of resident swans are favourites with local people.

The whole site on the edge of Blyth makes up an area of a little over 1 ha, comprising pond, grassland and scrub. The pond is set in a steep-sided hollow, crossed from north-west to south-east by a large bore pipe, now broken in two places to leave an island. Most of the west, north and east banks are thickly covered in willow, providing cover for water fowl and small mammals, including water vole. The main (NE) section is about 2m deep in places. A dipping platform has been provided on the pond.

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Next to the railway line at South Newsham.
Newsham, near Blyth
Map reference
NZ 304 792
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1.00 hectares

Please see downloadable Access Information for the reserve below.
Walking information
There is an alley leading to the reserve and paths around the site.
Access the site from Blagdon Drive, just off the A1061, or from Sandringham Drive
Dogs must be on lead
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Reserve manager
Northumberland Wildlife Trust
Tel: (0191) 284 6899


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