Rescued from the Sea - literature

Discover more about the archeological work and the Rescued from the Sea project at Low Hauxley in two special publications.


Archaeology and Environment on the North Sea Littoral: A Case Study from Low Hauxley 

At 318 pages, the volume is a comprehensive piece of work bringing together decades of archaeological work along the North Sea coastline and the results have already received national and international recognition in archaeological fields.

Written by Clive Waddington and Clive Bonsall, the book includes details of the wildlife charity’s ‘Rescued from the Sea’ Project, the 13 week archaeological excavation project at Low Hauxley, situated at the north end of Druridge Bay during that summer.

Priced at £30, the book is available via our online store here. 


An Archaeologist's Tale

With sea level rise accelerating, archaeologists are in a race against time to record ancient remains eroding from our shores before they are destroyed by the sea.

A popular book resulting from the Trust’s HLF funded ‘Rescued from the Sea’ Project at Low Hauxley has just been published, authored by lead archaeologist Clive Waddington. Documenting the story of how a nationally important archaeological site was excavated from an eroding cliffedge next to our Low Hauxley Reserve last summer.

Priced at £10, the book is available via our online storeAll proceeds from the sale of this book are going towards further recording and monitoring of eroding archaeological remains on the Northumberland coast.

"This accessible book documents a remarkable story of how a prehistoric site perched on a cliff edge was discovered and excavated by professional archaeologists with the help of the local community. The results of this excavation have made an important contribution to our national story, as well as for Northumberland, and with an abundance of illustrations this book provides a highly visual record of this exciting work. This is a story of discovery, persistence and passion in which many hundreds of people took part. Relive this remarkable excavation through the pages of this book and let the story unfold just as it did for the excavators."