Sponsorship & personal challenges

Asking for sponsorship can be a really simple way of raising funds and getting support from family, friends, colleagues and the local community. We can provide sponsorship forms which are easy to complete and can help you track your fundraising total.

Where do I start?

Ask family and friends to sponsor you first, but also consider other people who might want to offer support. Get as many people involved in your event/personal challenge as possible, from neighbours to work colleagues and local businesses who may be able to pledge larger donations.

How do sponsors pay?

Your sponsors can donate in a number of ways - by completing your sponsorship form and giving you cash or a cheque, donating via our website and quoting your event, or through your Virgin Money Giving page. To set up your page, visit www.virginmoneygiving.com (you can search for NWT from the homepage) - it's easy to manage your donations this way, as you can customise the page yourself, email the link to anybody who might be interested (especially people living far afield who may wish to support you!), and the funds raised are sent directly to the Trust.

How can I increase my donations?

Sponsorship is not limited to sponsors listed on forms - why not run a bake sale/car wash/community event and ask people to give their loose change? It's a great way to spread awareness and increase sponsorship without having to take names/bank details and makes people feel like they're getting something for their sponsorship as well as giving to a good cause. Be imaginative and creative - your sponsorship is only limited by the work you put in to achieve it!

How can businesses get involved?

Do you know a pub landlord well? Does a friend of yours own a cafe or small company? Getting corporate sponsorship can mean big money, and means that companies can promote the fact that they're helping a charity. They might let you use their building for the event, or even donate equipment, prizes or refreshments!

You could ask your own employer to match-fund your donations, ask local businesses to display a collection bucket for customers to donate to, or even sell stall-space at your events.

Personal challenges

Setting yourself a personal challenge is a fantastic way to step outside of your comfort zone and experience the adventure of a lifetime, whilst fundraising for a worthwhile cause and involving your family and friends.

You could sign yourself up to run a marathon or sponsored swim, give up a longstanding habit or perhaps encourage friends/colleagues to complete a group challenge.

For adrenaline junkies, companies throughout the region offer the opportunity to zip-wire, abseil, bungee jump or event skydive (perhaps wearing our infamous badger suit!), all in the name of raising money for our charity.

Charity Challenge is the world's leading fundraising challenge operator, enabling you to trek, bike and climb throughout the world in aid of your chosen charity. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, experience new cultures, or just achieve an impressive goal, all whilst raising funds for Northumberland Wildlife Trust, they can help. Visit www.charitychallenge.com to explore a really wild way to raise money for our charity!