Spread the word!


The best way to promote your event is through the media, which is free and will enable you to tell lots of people. Get your local community involved in spreading the word as far as possible, and keep in touch so we can share your fundraising efforts with our supporters.

Publicising your event is easier than you might think!

Write about your event in a clear, concise way (including what it is, when, where and why you're doing it), and share the details with local websites well in advance for free publicity. To secure as much coverage as possible, make your event sound fun, exciting and attractive for a range of ages and interests.

You can also telephone or write to your local radio station and tell them about your event. Even if they cannot send a radio car, they are usually more than happy to broadcast details of local events in advance, and there may be opportunity for a telephone interview.

Our Communications Officer can work with you to send press releases to our contacts (and anybody you have in mind), and generate as much interest in your event as possible.


Photos are really important for publicity and for everybody to share as a record of your event (including all your preparation beforehand). Try and capture a range of photographs, from posing to ‘action shots’, all of which tell the story of your event from start to finish, and ensure you get clear permission to use them (particularly when photographing children or vulnerable people).

Contact us for a blank poster template to promote your event in your community, and invite local businesses to support you with donations (if you are attempting a personal challenge) or by running a stall (if you're holding an event).

Social media/online

Don't underestimate the power of the internet and social media! Tell everybody you know about your fundraising by creating Facebook and Twitter accounts, and ask family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to do the same! You could send a mass email, mention your fundraising event in answerphone messages, email signatures, notice boards or work newsletters, or perhaps even create a blog...get your event noticed anywhere you can!

Stay in touch!

Keep in touch with us and let us know how you’re getting on - we’ll be happy to add your event to our ‘What’s on’ leaflet, website and e-newsletters, as well as our NWT Facebook and Twitter pages.

After your event, it would be fantastic to hear how everything went. We will gladly share your photographs on our website to encourage other people to fundraise and will feature you in our e-newsletters as a recent success story. Please take plenty of photographs on the day and keep records of attendees and money raised, and we can share your successes with our supporters.