Vision and Values

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An environment rich in wildlife for everyone.

To conserve local wildlife, promote nature conservation and provide the means by which everyone can become involved.

Strategic Business Objectives 2020

  • We will deliver a net biodiversity gain on a landscape scale by creating resilient Living Landscapes and Living Seas throughout our region.
  • We will create a wildlife-aware population and be first in people’s minds for wildlife issues, acknowledged as being passionate experts on wildlife, people and the environment, and as being a responsible and effective wildlife guardian.
  • We will be widely recognised as the primary advocate for biodiversity and the environment, influencing and delivering locally and regionally, in urban and rural areas, helping to realise a sustainable environment, economy and community.
  • We will be a financially sustainable organisation, maximising cost recovery and increasing funds to support action for wildlife and the environment, in line with all professional standards.
  • We will be a professional and well-managed organisation, with efficient governance systems and processes to support a growing membership, and demonstrating appropriate use of their membership contribution.


  • We are flexible, forward-looking, enterprising and professional and we work in an integrated way to achieve our mission.
  • We are partnership and customer-focussed, working across the public, private and voluntary sectors to promote biodiversity action, increase public awareness and forge links between sectors and partners.
  • We value the contribution of all, and actively encourage involvement from all sectors of our communities.
  • We demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability in the way we run our organisation. 

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