Greening the Trust

As an environmental charity, Northumberland Wildlife Trust endeavours to be as ‘green’ as possible, from reducing our office paper consumption to using local suppliers and collecting rainwater for re-use on our nature reserves.

We regularly consider new ways to demonstrate our 'green' credentials, and ensure that NWT continues to promote our commitment to sustainability.

As part of our efforts to involve ourselves in 'green' projects, we support various campaigns, set ourselves targets for improvement and aim to inform our supporters about issues from the wider environmental agenda.

Browse this section, and the accompanying pages, for information on how Northumberland Wildlife Trust engages staff, stakeholders and the wider community in 'green' issues, our position on the effects of climate change, and also other subject areas we hope you will find interesting and useful.

For more information on anything covered in this section, or if you are interested in how we are 'greening the Trust', please contact the Trust on (0191) 284 6884.