Wildlife In Trust - a history of The Wildlife Trusts


Wildlife in Trust is a history of The Wildlife Trusts, written by Tim Sands. It charts the changing fortunes of UK wildlife and the nature conservation movement founded to protect it.

Beginning with Rothschild’s first list of potential nature reserves in 1915, it covers: the landmark political Acts, the explosion of the local Trust movement in the 1960s and its subsequent development; the salvage and rescue operation to save woods, meadows, wetlands, bogs, and heaths; the dawn of marine conservation; the decline and recovery of species like the otter, plus the move to restore wildlife across whole landscapes.

Wildlife in Trust is divided into three sections: a history of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts; individual chapters on the history of each of the 47 Wildlife Trusts in their own words plus a comprehensive A-Z reference section. The book features more than 300 photographs and maps - with many from The Wildlife Trusts’ archives.

About the author

The author, Tim Sands, has worked for more than 45 years in wildlife conservation, experiencing and influencing at first hand the dramatic development of the non-Governmental sector. For much of this time he has been involved with The Wildlife Trusts, helping to lead on issues, including better protection for badgers, otters, wetlands and peatlands. Tim played a pivotal role in securing a Private Members Bill that was passed as the Wild Creatures and Wild Plants Act in 1975 and, as part of a small group, campaigned on both the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and the Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000. He is a Deputy Chairman of his local Trust in Lincolnshire.

The chapters on each of the individual Wildlife Trusts have been written by different contributors - almost all with a long-standing commitment to, and connection with, their local Trust.

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