Make it a red Christmas

Tuesday 12th December 2017

photo Tim Mason

Instead of ruby rings and ruby port appearing in households this festive season, a squirrel conservation charity is asking people spare a thought for something else small, red and just as precious…the native red squirrel.

Made eternally popular through Beatrix Potter character Squirrel Nutkin, children and adults across the UK are familiar with the cheeky and daring nature of the impish animals.

Sadly though, red squirrels have suffered and their population has been in decline since the introduction of the grey squirrel in the 1950s. Today one of our most loved iconic species won’t be known to future generations unless we all work together.

From today until midnight on Monday 15 January, Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) is offering a 10% discount to anybody signing up to become a member of its Friends of the Red Squirrel group.

Friends of the Red Squirrel or FORS for short, supports the work of Red Squirrels Northern England which works principally in Cumbria, Northumberland , Merseyside, Lancashire, North-West Durham and the Yorkshire Dales to protect red squirrels in these areas where there are still red strongholds.

The plight of the red squirrel is recognised in local, regional, national and international conservation policies. It is afforded the highest level of protection under UK law, the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Upon joining, all new ‘Friends’ will receive a certificate, information leaflet, fluffy squirrel toy together with two newsletters each year.
For more information visit: call: Northumberland Wildlife on: 0191 2846884 or email: