Celebrate nature’s symphony online - from sunrise till sunset

For the second year in a row, Northumberland Wildlife Trust is inviting everybody in the region to boost their spirits this spring with the sound of birdsong… and all from the comfort of their own home.
Thrush and chicks - Allan Potts

Image by: Allan Potts

Each year, the wildlife charity hosts bird themed events on its reserves around the region where nature lovers can listen out for the cooing of pigeons, the serenade of robins and blackbirds and the chatter of sparrows.

Last year, however, the country was in total lockdown and the events couldn’t take place. Unbeaten, Trust Chief Executive Mike Pratt, took to his back garden and hosted a virtual Dawn Chorus event via Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Facebook page.

Sitting at sunrise, Mike talked about the birds which everybody should listen out for in their own green spaces and, such was his success, he’s back by popular demand and set to host two more virtual events to celebrate the wonders of birdsong.

On Thursday 22 April, between 7:30pm - 8:30pm, as the sun begins to set, nature lovers can sit back in their home, garden, balcony or favourite green space and join Mike, in a live celebration of the lesser-known Dusk Chorus where he will identify and chat about the birds around him.

Often dubbed more of a chamber ensemble than symphony orchestra, the Dusk Chorus is the time when many birds such as house sparrows, blue tits and wrens giving their last performance of the day.

Any early birds inspired by this event, should set their alarm clock, boil the kettle and join Mike on Tuesday 4 May between 5:15am - 6:15am for his second virtual event - a celebration of the Dawn Chorus as he listens to the birds singing to either defend their breeding territory, attempting to attract a mate or calling in their flock.

Both events are being live streamed on Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/northumberlandwt.

For more information visit www.nwt.org.uk/events.

Speaking about the events, Mike Pratt says: “Each year I have to get up extra early to make the trip to participate in one of our Dawn Chorus Walks, but for the second year running, I just have to walk out the kitchen door. Who needs radio or the music channels on the TV when we can all walk out the door and listen to nature’s symphony?

“For the second year running, birdsong has never been a more welcome sound and has become clearer than ever due to a huge reduction in noise pollution from car, vans and aeroplanes. So whether you are waking up with your first cup of tea of the day or settling down with a glass of something slightly stronger at the end of the day, join me and listen to the wonders of nature.”