Dining continues thanks to players of charity lottery

It’s been a great year for wildlife sightings on Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Hauxley nature reserve, thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.
Willow tit and goldfinch - Tim Mason

Willow tit (left) and goldfinch on a bird feeder at Hauxley reserve. Image by: Tim Mason.

Throughout the year, the wildlife charity has been able to keep its birds feeders stocked with sunflower hearts and birds seeds and its squirrel feeders stocked full of nuts.

Birds such as siskins, redwings, bramblings and waxwing have been heading to the reserve much to the delight of the hundreds of people visiting the reserve each day with willow tits, which are now on the RSPB Red List of Endangered Birds, visiting the feeders every day in front of the reserve’s Skua bird watching hide.

This summer, the Hauxley Bird Ringing Group caught and ringed six young birds born on the reserve in the spring.

The resident red squirrels never fail to disappoint as they scamper up and down the trees adjacent to the car park and have appeared on dozens of social media posts this year by visitors to the Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre.

Alex Lister, Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre Manager said: “Funding raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery gets spent on projects of all sizes here at Hauxley and very often it is the small projects which bring the most enjoyment - the squirrels and birds on the feeders are certainly bringing some wintery joy to visitors to the Hauxley reserve.”