Follow the trail and spot the birds

To celebrate the lifting of lockdown restrictions and the re-opening of its Hauxley nature reserve at Druridge Bay, Northumberland Wildlife Trust has launched a new trail as part of its campaign to keep everybody enjoying its flagship reserve whilst looking after their health and well-being.
Willow tit and goldfinch - Tim Mason

Willow tit (left) and goldfinch on a bird feeder at Hauxley reserve. Image by: Tim Mason.

It’s a case of birds, birds and more birds from now on as wildlife lovers of all ages navigate their way around the reserve using a colourful downloadable guide whilst collecting clues, answering questions, learning more about the birds visiting the site, their birdsong and where they like to live.

There’s also a page on plants and insects to look out for whilst walking around.

Priced at £3 and available for download from the it’s a must have for anybody planning to explore the reserve this summer.

And, if this isn’t exciting enough, there is no longer the need to book a time to visit the reserve, plus it’s open to everybody each week: Tuesday - Sunday, from 10am - 4pm.

In June, funding from the National Lottery Emergency Fund allowed the Trust to introduce a number of safety measures including hand sanitising stations, contactless payment system and screens.