A great view guaranteed, thanks to kind donation

Visitors to a Northumberland Wildlife Trust nature reserve can now get up close to nature, thanks to the North Northumberland Bird Club.
Hauxley bird spotting Mary Lee - Alex Lister

Mary Lee, Hauxley Bird Recording Volunteer trying out the new binoculars. Image by: Alex Lister.

For, earlier this month, the Club donated £230 for two pairs of Opticron Savanna binoculars and two window attachment kits for use by visitors to the wildlife charity’s Lookout Café at its Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre at Druridge Bay.

Speaking about the new equipment, Alex Lister, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Druridge Bay Living Landscape Manager said: “Not everybody who visits our Lookout Café has a pair of binoculars, so this kind donation from the North Northumberland Bird Club now means that everybody can enjoy nature from the comfort of one of the café’s window seats.

“This time of year, the Hauxley reserve is teaming with house martins, sand martins, swallows and swifts. There are also many young birds including mallard ducklings, greylag goslings and little grebe chicks which look like humbugs - so come along and see for yourself through the new binoculars.”