Players conserving a hidden gem

Northumberland Wildlife Trust volunteers have been carrying out their annual grassland management work on East Crindledykes Quarry reserve (next to Vindolanda), thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.
Crindledykes Quarry volunteers

Left to Right: Northumberland Wildlife Trust Volunteers Pat McTiernan, Geoff Taylor, Wendy Gregory, Lawrence Young, Mary Lee, Richard Lee, Adrian Askew and Mel Rockett. Image by: Duncan Hoyle.

The site was rescued by the Trust from being filled in with shale waste from a nearby colliery and is part of a larger quarry area in the Great Limestone, a band of rock that can be found sweeping around south Northumberland close to the rare Whin Sill.

The grassland  is cut annually to retain the diversity of species found in the grassland including autumn gentian - a not so common late flowering plant which thrives in the short turf, hairbells, salad burnett and cowslips which, in turn, attract common blue butterflies.

The site also has interesting geological features, particularly the quarry face where namurian great limestone is visible.

Duncan Hoyle, Estates Officer at Northumberland Wildlife Trust said: “East Crindledykes Quarry is a hidden gem and well worth conserving which support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery helps us do.  It is well worth a visit next time you are en route to Vindolanda.”