Wendy’s woolly wonders

When not releasing water voles into the waterways of Kielder this summer, Northumberland Wildlife Trust volunteer Wendy Bennett was busy knitting a fabulous collection of soft toys to raise funds for the charity.
Wendy Bennett wool toys - Richard Clark

Volunteer Wendy Bennett and her woolly wonders. Image by: Richard Clark.

The former orthopaedic nurse from Newcastle has created a whole army of woolly wonders including water voles, badgers, squirrels, rabbits, newts and mice. All of which can be found in real life around the region.

Priced at just £5, these ideal stocking fillers are available from the wildlife charity’s Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre, Northumberlandia in Cramlington and its stand at fairs and shows during the run up to Christmas. The wildlife charity will receive 100% of the money raised from the sales.

Speaking about her creations, Wendy says: “I love wildlife and arts and crafts, so what better way to raise money for the Trust than by bringing the two together? 

“Instead of lions, tigers and bears, I decided to focus on animals which have the potential to be spotted around the region in an attempt to inspire the next generation of conservationists.”