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Red Squirrels Northern England

Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) is a red squirrel conservation partnership working across Northern England.

About Us

Red Squirrels Northern England has a simple mission: secure and increase red squirrel range, in and beyond, the designated strongholds.

Our work is principally based in Cumbria, Northumberland, Merseyside, Lancashire, North-West Durham and the Yorkshire Dales, in and close to areas where red squirrels are still living free in the landscape.

A team of rangers and contractors undertake grey squirrel control in areas important for red squirrels. This team are working alongside private landowners and local red squirrel groups to build the effective control networks needed to prevent further losses of red squirrels through disease transmission and food competition with grey squirrels.

The impact of our work on red squirrels is being carefully assessed through landscape-scale, annual monitoring which began in spring 2012. Further monitoring work continues.

Three Ways You Can Help

Learn more about RSNE, including how you can get involved, via their website

Or to stay in touch with regular news and updates, follow the RSNE on Facebook and Twitter.

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Red Squirrels United

Red Squirrels United is a UK wide network working together for the local survival of the UK’s iconic red squirrels for future generations. Together we can secure their future.

Why Do Red Squirrels Matter?

Made eternally popular through Beatrix Potter character Squirrel Nutkin, children and adults across the UK are familiar with the cheeky and daring nature of the impish animals. Sadly though, red squirrels have suffered and their population has been in decline since the introduction of the grey squirrel in the 1950s. Today one of our most loved iconic species won’t be known to future generations unless we all work together.

The plight of the red squirrel is recognised in local, regional, national and international conservation policies. It is afforded the highest level of protection under UK law, the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

What Is Red Squirrels United?

Red Squirrels United marks the biggest ever coalition of academics and delivery partners working together on a scientifically robust programme of conservation for our iconic red squirrels. The initiative unites eight partners in a four year UK-wide programme.

Community-based rapid response teams will be created involving more than 1,200 volunteers who will be trained to conserve key red squirrel populations threatened by their interaction with non-native grey squirrels. The programme will build together large networks of volunteers championing this charismatic creature into one coordinated and strategic force for good.

Red Squirrels United is receiving €1.6 million of funding from EU LIFE. The project unites more than 30 different organisations and is supported by UK Government nature conservation agencies

Who Makes Up Red Squirrels United? 

Red Squirrels United is led by The Wildlife Trusts in partnership with Newcastle UniversityForest ResearchLancashire Wildlife TrustRed Squirrels Trust WalesNorthumberland Wildlife TrustUlster Wildlife and The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales.

The Wildlife Trusts has more than 20 years of experience in managing social and environmental grant programmes totalling over £250 million, and proven successes working with and empowering people to make significant environmental and societal impacts across the UK.

Find out more about Red Squirrels United and our recruitment drive for thousands of volunteers in red squirrel hotspots to help save this endangered species here.

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