Local Sites Enquiry Service

Local Sites Enquiry Service

Local Sites Enquiry Service

Northumberland Wildlife Trust can provide information on non-statutory designated Local Sites in Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside.

Please note that whilst the data itself is free, we charge a fee to cover the cost of supplying the information and administering the Local Sites system. Charges may be reduced or waived for non-commercial enquires at our discretion. We reserve the right to alter these charges at any time.

From the 1st of April 2021, prices will be applied as follows:

Service Service Description Cost
Basic Search

Local Site Search at 2km radius from given search point.

Client will be provided with a list of Local Site(s) within the search area, as well as a map of the site boundaries.

£50 + VAT
Extended Search Extension of radius for basic search. £10/km + VAT
Provision of Boundary Shapefiles

Providing a shapefile indicating the approximate boundaries of Local Site(s) within the search area.

Will be provided in the .shp format, which is compatible with most mapping software.

£20 + VAT
Local Site Citation Provide citation(s) for Local Site(s) within search area, including brief description of site and reason for designation.

£20 per citation + VAT

(First citation is free if search fee has been paid).


To submit a data request, please fill in the data request form, and send it to data@northwt.org.uk. We aim to complete and respond to a normal request within 28 days, but in most situations we would expect turnaround to be much quicker.

For a custom search boundary, please send a shapefile of your boundary along with a completed data request form to receive a quote.